COVID establishes all conditions for your business to go fully web

COVID establishes all conditions for your business to go fully web

With the pandemic taking its new turns, there is nobody in the world who is not going to be influenced by the consequences that it brings. While the disease itself in its coverage and volume is something that we have not faced before, there are already obvious and inevitable steps for businesses to take in order to survive this one. These steps not only include being flexible and fast (as in any crisis) but what is more important in the circumstances of social distancing – maximize the digitalization, or go fully web.

Currently, people in most of the countries are in a state of a lock-down to enforce social distancing and stop the spread of the virus. So people either work from home or do not work at all. And the only option for a business to keep its operation running is to establish an operational model on digital instruments. This is the time when digitalization becomes the most crucial innovation to adopt, as there is basically no other option. There must be a strategic introduction of the offline-to-online feature in order of business to survive. 

There are several challenges that the business will face during this time.

Ability to digitize

Depending on the industry that your business is in, the crisis during and after the epidemy will influence it differently. The reason is that not all the products and services can go fully digital due to its nature. But let’s face it, most of the business can. For example due to inability to move, people will order more products online and we will face even more rise in e-commerce than previously. The new circumstances dictate new rules on finding the solutions, that you as a business may not have considered before, and implementing e-commerce could be one of them.


You do not need to be an economic expert to see that the more developed economies are going to struggle less from the consequences of the upcoming crisis compared to the developing one. One of the reasons is how well society overall is prepared to work remotely in the digital form. For example, there will be no problem for the website development company to stay in business, as the team can easily work remotely. But what if your business is in a totally different line? After business owners and management create a new plan for how the company is going to operate in new circumstances, it takes an effort to implement that within the team. Even bigger challenge here can be to teach the team how to work together remotely when they have barely faced that before.


From the financial side it is important to evaluate how much resources you can actually allocate on digitalization, which as we mentioned before is an essential step right now. Almost all the businesses now are going to appear in crisis due to the virus. Considering the priority of digitalization it is vital to understand your options in order to be able for you as a business to actually afford this undeniably important step. After detailed financial evaluation, considering all the financial loss and potential financial options it is time to start searching for options. The main option here is for businesses is to keep up with the latest news, as there are different business-supporting programs being introduced in different places. It can be government loan programs, tax holidays or private lenders and companies who are offering discounted businesses loans during the coronavirus outbreak.


There are several predictions on when the spread of the virus may stop, depending on various factors, and the time of the upcoming crisis length is not calculated yet as well. The only time we can estimate is when the steps towards digitalization should have been implemented and it is yesterday. Depending on the resources, expertise and financial calculations, businesses can predict if they possess enough time to implement the needed steps. 

We may pretty much all seem fucked now. But on the other hand, the situation that the world ended up in now has its benefits. It is definitely going to create new business opportunities and overall change the way we handle business. Not all the businesses, but only those who are capable to take actions and adapt to new rules. Time is also pushing companies towards digitalization and  while we are just sitting and deciding on when and how our business is going to crack we could be deciding on the new digitalization strategy that we as businesses could be adopting. Even if the virus never happened companies would still need to walk the digitalization route, it’s just now you as a business don’t have any other option. 

The strategy itself depends on your particular business and can vary drastically upon all the resources you possess right now, there are universal digitalization elements that you have to consider. Businesses have to identify what exactly they are missing in the moment of crisis which include physical immobility, and how it can be fixed, in the first place with the help of the web. There are two main functions that the web is ready to fix straight away.

Presence and Communication

If your business is still operating without any digital presence, there is an option that these times are gone for good. In order to have a high-quality website which brings the best customer experience possible you will need to turn to professional web development services. The world is rolling fast towards the spot where if you are not online you basically do not exist. Digital presence does not only include a website but the overall digital presence on social media. As we are still not aware of all the possible outcomes it’s hard to predict how markets are going to change, and which exactly marketing innovations are going to be implemented. The most important here is not to waste time and be flexible, in order to stay in line. 

The other digitalization key element is communication, and here we are talking both internal and external. In terms of internal, remote work policies are essential now. From the practical side, digitalization is not only about using video call platforms like Skype and Zoom but also structuring the remote work overall. Here come project management tools, like Asana or Monday, internal communication tools like Slack. The faster the new way of doing work is going to be implemented the less would be a loss of the opportunities for business to survive. External communication here involves communicating with your customers and boosting their options for reaching out to you in order to receive or product or service. Especially at such times, it is vital for companies to anticipate their customer’s behaviours. Businesses should invest in online as part of the service they are providing, ensuring the quality. There are several lessons the world is trying to teach us as humans with this virus situation. One of the lessons is to understand that there is a way out of every situation, and how important it is to stay strong to be able to survive everything. The main lesson businesses have to learn from this situation is that the web is the only path to follow in terms of this crisis. If you are deciding on crisis strategy for your business it would be smart to start with turning to the agency providing professional web development services. But the most important here is that this crisis is first of all about our health and our lives, no business would matter if you would not survive. So make sure you take good care of yourself and keep safe the people around you.

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