Direct email marketing ― is it worth it?

Direct email marketing ― is it worth it?

Such a full-fledged customer service strategy as email marketing, despite prejudices, has nothing in common with spam. For business newsletters, it is required a corporate address and tools to automate processes and analyze the result. 

Email marketing provides a high percentage of return on investment, the most information-rich messages, full automation of the channel, the ability to track the effectiveness of mailings and create a good customer service. One of the types of such a tool is direct email marketing, which is supposed to influence users who did not consciously leave their email addresses. These are people who do not know anything about you and do not expect your email. It is important to know the features of such mailing. The main thing in this process is not to impose your product, you need to arouse real interest in a person. If you do everything right, you can attract a new clientele and thereby increase the effectiveness of the promotion.

Marketers should also remember that mailing is regulated by a series of laws on the protection of personal data, which are binding. Each service also has its own rules of use, for violations of which mailings will be blocked, and funds may be frozen. Moreover, if you want to build a good reputation for the domain and become a trusted sender, you need to configure digital signatures on the server. Otherwise, your newsletters may be blocked by email clients or they may end up in the Spam folder.

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