Magento vs Shopify: Online Store Platforms Comparison

Magento vs Shopify: Online Store Platforms Comparison

If you are deciding on creating an online store or want to transfer your existing e-commerce site to another platform, then in the final round you obviously have 2 candidates: Magento and Shopify.

Numbers. Currently, 24.6% of online stores were created on the Magento platform. At the same time, 19.7% use the Shopify platform.

The fundamental differences between the two are:

  • Magento is a free open source platform, and in order to use Shopify, you have to pay $ 29/month.
  • Shopify provides a comprehensive solution, which even includes website hosting, but on Magento, you need to buy for the website hosting

Pros and Cons of Shopify

Shopify is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an easy-to-use, but at the same time comprehensive solution, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. The platform is responsible for the code performance, while users can still make changes to the HTML and CSS of the site.

Key Features:

  • integration with external platforms
  •  2 weeks of a free trial
  • a wide selection of paid and free themes and templates for an online store
  • 24-hour user support provided

Pros and Cons of Magento

This platform is open source and the most flexible. But in order to get the full advantage of Magento, you need to have the technical knowledge and programming skills, or you should contact the site development company for help.

Key Features:

  • supports different currencies for payment and taxes, depending on the country
  • integration with almost every payment system
  • professional look
  • customization to fulfil specifically your need through options like customer segmentation, advertisement and even special offers for a specific audience

As a conclusion, we can say that one platform is technically simpler (Shopify), while the second one (Magneto) is free, but requires professional help, which means you will still need to pay here. Both are suitable for solving typical problems, but complex solutions should better be created from scratch.

Tell us about your experience with any of these platforms. And share what challenges have you personally faced.

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