Remarketing as an essential part of your digital success

Remarketing as an essential part of your digital success

You must have faced the moment when you visited a particular website once, and straight after that (or at least the closest following time), you see the reminders of this website/product/service everywhere online.

This is remarketing. Let’s take a look at what it is exactly and how it works. So remarketing is basically the online advertisements displayed to those users who have visited the site at a certain time and/or performed a targeted action on it.

Why remarketing is useful:

  1.  Users return. The right ad displayed at the right time will remind users of your company and motivate them to place an order. This is especially true for high-priced and unsought goods or services.
  2. Sales and conversion Growth. You are interacting with an audience that once showed interest in your business. What is left to do is to make a lucrative offer and remind yourself. For example, a 10% discount for all registered visitors during the week.
  3. More targeted segmentation. Remarketing offers more opportunities for audience segmentation. You can create remarketing lists based on almost any user activity and characteristics: page visited, action, the amount spent, source user came from, etc.
  4. Cost-effectiveness. Due to the fact that remarketing campaigns are aimed at specific target audiences, their ROI is higher and the cost per click is lower than that of contextual advertising.
  5. Brand awareness. The more often the user sees your banner ads, the sooner he will remember the name of your company.

And as we mentioned earlier, remarketing can be achieved using different channels, and thus is divided into types: display network remarketing (ads are shown on partner sites of search engines, for example, Google), dynamic remarketing (you show a banner with a specific product that the user was interested in), search remarketing (a person sees your ads in search results for a specific request).

There is also Video Remarketing, Email Remarketing and of course Social Remarketing (advertising on social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Should you need help setting up remarketing for your company or customising the existing one, feel free to reach out.

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