Top 5 services and apps for the remote work

Top 5 services and apps for the remote work


If you want to concentrate on tasks and deadlines ― Timely is a perfect app for this. It focuses precisely on planning, so you can calculate how much time in the future you will spend on work and how much you will get for it. Everything is synchronized with the calendar and issued in a convenient form. There is also a collective mode for working in a team.

〰️ Invoice by Wave

The app’s main purpose is to maintain accounting information and financial transactions. You are able to complete the invoicing and billing process on your phone anywhere. It becomes really necessary when you need to conduct simultaneous work on several projects.

? Zoom

Zoom is a service for video conferencing, online meetings and distance learning. A free account allows you to conduct a video conference lasting 40 minutes. You are provided with excellent video and audio communication with each participant, the ability to share the screen already with sound and a built-in interactive whiteboard.

? Trello

This is an easy-to-use web-based tool for working on projects, which can be used to manage individual tasks or to manage projects for the whole team as it provides an equal distribution of workload between employees. Moreover, it allows you to realize the product on time.

?️ GanttPRO

GanttPRO is designed to build visualized graphs and plans as well as to manage projects and keeps track of deadlines with an intuitive interface and a pleasant user design. The software offers simple scheduling, as well as tracking progress, the workload on resources, deadlines, assignment of tasks and automatic planning.

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