What ‘mobile-first’ means and why it is important

What ‘mobile-first’ means and why it is important

Overall, developing a website is an enormous process that can last several months, and in some cases, if the system is broad it can take even years. Mobile First concept implies the initial creation of layout specifically for mobile versions. Which means, the first website is developed for mobile use, and only then it is configured for the Desktop version.

Due to the fact that before, in the times of the previous approach, the focus was not on the mobile version, a few things are going to get lost in time:

  1. The mobile version of the site does not have enough time;
  2. The layout on mobile is much harder;
  3. It is more difficult to turn a big thing into a small one than vice versa;
  4. Less search engine optimization;

Why is ‘mobile first’ needed?

It all started with Google setting the trend in 2015 and, having introduced a new algorithm. According to the new algorithm, sites without a mobile version should lose positions in the search engine ranking system. This forced the developers to start making responsive website versions.

Later, they launched indexation based on the ‘Mobile First’ principle, when the search engine began to consider mobile versions of sites as the main versions. The optimization quality of such sites should be taken into account in the formation of search results. So developers came to the conclusion that it is desirable that this version was built according to the ‘Mobile First’ concept. Basically, search engines have forced developers to make responsive websites, as users demanded.

How to take on ‘mobile first’, if the layouts are mainly provided by designers for the Desktop version?

In fact, you don’t need to have special tools for this – we can do it manually or using frameworks. The main thing is to choose a tool that will be convenient and comfortable for you to work with, or create your own framework with which you can set breakpoints and assign a grid.

We would gladly hear about your experience and how much your life has changed after the introduction of ‘Mobile First’.

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