When to use personal meetings as a selling tool?

When to use personal meetings as a selling tool?

FEBRUARY 18, 2020

Personal sales can become a real savior in your marketing strategy. Personal interaction provides communicative flexibility: the seller sees or hears the reaction of the potential buyer to the message and can modify the message in the process of its transmission according to the reaction. Such communication allows the seller to tailor the message to the specific needs of the consumer situation. In the process of presentation of goods, the seller must achieve the following results: to attract the attention of buyers, create an interest and desire to buy the product, to make an impulse to purchase the goods. The seller, using the skills of correct, calm and persuasive overcoming objections and negative attitudes, brings the matter to the conclusion of the agreement or sale immediately.

However, despite the fact that personal meeting usually produces the desired result, you need to understand when to use it before proceeding with this method. The implementation of this tool is relevant in the following cases:

  1. the company is small or does not have sufficient funds for advertising;
  2. buyers are concentrated in a small area;
  3. the private influence of the sales representative helps to establish contacts and develop trust in the company and its products;
  4. high prices for products;
  5. the product must be displayed in action;
  6. the products must be tailored to the individual requirements of customers;
  7. the goods are not purchased frequently;
  8. the goods are those which are exchanged for a new one upon delivery of the old one and making a corresponding surcharge.
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